RHFD Awards




 Fire Chiefs

Verl White 

O.L. McArthur

Ken Fox

Bryon Fox


Assistant Chiefs

Charlie Flood 

Darrel Stroud 

Danny White

Alvin Payne

David Rice

Terry Downing 

Tommy Sunny

Bill Wolph

K.C. Fox

Kevin Cahill

Richard Smith


Darrel Stroud Officer of the Year

2011- KC Fox and Kelly Walls

2012- Captain Ronnie Weidman

2013- Gary Sarten

2014- Ronnie Weidman

2015-KC Fox and Jon Short

2016-Dustin Hasbrouck

2017-Greg Miller



Bob Curtis Memorial Participation Award

2011-Bryon Fox

2012- Kevin Walls

2013- Ronnie Cole 

2014- Ronnie Weidman

2015- Brad Ashton

2016- Brad Ashton

2017- Tanner Madison



O.L. McArthur Memorial Firefighter of the Year

2004- Ronnie Weidman

2005- Kyle Denny

2006- David Rice and Robert Hughes

2007- Harrison Thompson

2008- Richard Smith

2009- James Pirtle

2010- Vince Njoroge

2011- Brent Bonnstetter

2012- Hannah Fox

2013- Kyle Heath and Joey Ryan

2014- Jon Short 

2015- Thomas Phillips 

2016- Glenn Hendrickson

2017- Randy Turner



Board of Directors - Ken Fox Memorial Extra Mile Award

2011- Mike Jarvis

2012- Fire Chief Bryon Fox

2013- Kelly Walls

2014- Kyle Heath

2015- Jeri Conley

2016- Ronnie Cole

2017- Brad Ashton



Cadet of the Year

2010- Sherman Smith

2011- Ronnie Cole and Kyle Heath

2012- Devon Cunningham

2013- Brody Langley

2014- Drew Molencupp and Lucinda Bates

2015- Dustin Jones and Jessica Boutwell

2016- Tanner Madison

2017- Micah Parks 


Verl White Memorial Chiefs Recognition Award 
2012- Glenda Dardene
2013- Ken Fox, Sherman Smith, and Lori Smith
2014- A.J. Willis
2015- Ronnie Cole
2016- Thomas Phillips
2017- Tonya Smith, Linda Paylor, and Ron Whitelock
20 Year Member 
Verl White 
Charlie Flood
Jim Clemons 
O.L. McArthur
Darrel Stroud
Alvin Payne
Marion Jackson
Jim Weatherly
Ken Fox
K.C. Fox 
Bryon Fox








Recent Calls
Sat. Jan 30th 2016
Mva on Will Rogers Turnpike with a grass fire. http://www.fox23.com/news/news/local/emergency-crews-respond-wreck-will-rogers/nqGJ9/
Tue. Jan 19th 2016
Medical 20102 E Admiral Pl. Canoe Brook
Sat. Jan 16th 2016
Medical 19724 E. 1st pl
Fri. Jan 8th 2016
Medical- 19713 E 2nd st difficult breathing


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