Who is the Rolling Hills Fire Department Auxiliary?
The Rolling Hills Fire Department  Auxiliary was established in March 2009. When we started, our members consisted of wives, daughters, sisters, and girlfriends of the Rolling Hills Firefighters. We held our first meeting on March 16, 2009. Of the original members, our senior members with us today are Kim Walls, Becky Fox, Brandy Walls, Lindsay Walls. Our first President was Kim Walls and the first by-laws were presented and adopted on March 16, 2009. In April 2009 we opened membership to any area resident.
The Auxiliary has many functions that aid our firefighters. We have responded to fire calls to provide our firefighters with the liquids and nourishment needed to help maintain their strength and stamina while they perform the difficult and dangerous duties of firefighting. We also assist our firefighters, the department, and our community in anyway we can whether it be helping at fire scenes, raising funds for any equipment that they wish to have, or helping with community events.
Unfortunately, there is not enough funding to obtain some essentials, so we hold several fundraisers each year. The money raised is used to help our firefighters and our organization obtain some of the essential and important equipment that is vital to effective firefighting in today’s day and age. Our firefighters are required to be rehabilitated at the scene after they have performed their tasks. The Ladies Auxiliary provides and must replenish the necessary items to ensure that they are properly rehabbed before they leave the scene. Like our firefighters, the Auxiliary is ready to respond to the call when our assistance is needed.
The Auxiliary holds a meeting once a month on the third Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at Fire Station No. 1 (40 South 200 East Ave).  There are a few ways you can become a member of our organization. There is Active membership, Honorary Membership, and Guest Membership. We developed these so that it may fit into anyone’s life style who wants to give back to their community and at the same time have the flexibility to meet the needs of their everyday life.
Thank you for your interest in our organization!
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Sat. Jan 30th 2016
Mva on Will Rogers Turnpike with a grass fire.
Tue. Jan 19th 2016
Medical 20102 E Admiral Pl. Canoe Brook
Sat. Jan 16th 2016
Medical 19724 E. 1st pl
Fri. Jan 8th 2016
Medical- 19713 E 2nd st difficult breathing


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